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Carol Baker Burke

May 17, 2021

NAME: Carol Baker Burke

JOB TITLE/POSITION: Community Mental Health Coordinator

DIVISION/DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Health Services Planning & Integration/Mental Health and Substance Abuse


1. Assist with development of policies, protocols and plans for mental health services in Jamaica

2. Develop and review standards for service delivery and monitoring tools, as well as conduct audits of mental health facilities

3.Collect and collate mental health data for inclusion in monthly, quarterly and annual reports

4. Provide technical guidance for the regional mental health teams.

MY VISION FOR THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH & WELLNESS IS: A team of highly motivated staff with improvement in individual performances, improved management of human and material resources resulting in more efficient and effective outputs; providing quality guidance and direction to the regional teams across the country, therefore creating a greater impact on health outcomes of the population.

What does being a Change Champion mean to me?  Combining previous communication skills with additional information and skills gained from PMAS training; to provide support and guidance to team members throughout the change process of PMAS implementation; so that the objectives of the branch will be achieved in line with the strategic goals and objectives of the MOH&W.