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Stacian Williams-Maitland

May 17, 2021

NAME: Stacian Williams-Maitland

JOB TITLE/POSITION: Research Officer

DIVISION/DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Standards & Regulation Division, Standard Research & Development Branch

WHAT IS YOUR CORE FUNCTION: Conducting research and assisting in the development of policies and standards for the health sector.

MY VISION FOR THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH & WELLNESS IS: To maximize on every opportunity that impacts the delivery of quality service and that every staff will be given the opportunity to achieve full potential.

What does being a Change Champion mean to me?

Never accept failure as final destiny. Refuse to fail, will fight my way out of it. Disrupt failure with success. It is a new day, wake up and step into it!  I am a change agent, that's who I am!