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Calvin Goodin

May 14, 2021

NAME: Calvin Goodin

JOB TITLE/POSITION:     Technical Support Service Administrator (Acting)

DIVISION/DEPARTMENT/UNIT: System Information and Technolgy Unit (SITU)


WHAT IS YOUR CORE FUNCTION: To provide Technical Support for internal and remote users and coordinate ICT response for the  Ministry and its related agencies.

MY VISION FOR THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH & WELLNESS IS: My vision for the Ministry of Health 

and Wellness is transforming how we operate as a Government entity.  The transformation in__ 

how we deliver services to our internal and external customers; this should be at a level where_ 

customers are always satisfied despite the many challenges we face day to day, such that_____

we treat all our customers with responsiveness and respect. 

What does being a Change Champion mean to me? 
Being a Change Champion, as the name suggests, is being a Champion for Change. We are apart 

of an organization that is integral in nation-building and the care and treatment of every 

Jamaican be it directly or indirectly. With this in mind, I strive to add value and use resources 

wisely to facilitate extensive and reasonable use. Being a Change Champion for me means 

accepting this responsibility and endeavouring to make a positive impact in how I execute  my