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Feb. 5, 2020

Thank you for your ongoing interest in the MYHR+ implementation Project. To date, data for approximately 700 Members of staff have been entered into the system, the Payroll aspect of which is now being checked and verified by Accounts. Notwithstanding this achievement, however, I’m sorry to inform you that we are experiencing a delay in the implementation process and have adjusted the timeline for implementation.  Our new estimated deadline for implementation is April 2020.

As you may be aware, this new system involves the implementation of a Public Sector wide Human Resource and Payroll system aimed at  transform our HR and Payroll operations, allowing us to achieve operational excellence, improve productivity while meeting staff expectations.

Our team has been working diligently to ensure a smooth transition with seamless experience for our staff.  Several issues has, however, impacted the speed at which we were able to work, such as the amount of information that would need to be imputed into the system; an underestimation of the time needed for Officers to gain competence in the system; and the number of items that would be unique to the Ministry of Health & Wellness.

Given this reality, we are unable to proceed with implementation in January 2020 as previously indicated however, to be clear, the project implementation is not being abandoned; it is being delayed. Rest assured that we are making every effort to minimize any disruptions for our staff, and we will be working to provide all staff with the necessary support and resource materials to begin utilizing the new system by April 2020.


We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we seek to improve staff experience.  Please feel free to contact Miss Christine Gobern at ext. 7404 or email if you have any questions about the delay, the new schedule or anything else regarding the MYHR+ project.